Math InstructorsCourses Offered
Derek Roberts
Applied Math
Algebra Prep
Caitlin BienemannAP Calculus
Kelsey Strope
Algebra I
Honors Pre-Calculus
Nathan Namanny
Honors Algebra II
Algebra I
Algebra II
Science InstructorsCourses Offered
Heather AllenAnatomy & Physiology
Honors Biology
College Prep Physics
Alaina Appley
AP Chemistry
Chemistry 2
Physics I
Michaela Moel
Chemistry I
Earth Science 1
Earth Science 2
Derek RobertsBiology
Science Department Webpage
Social Studies InstructorsCourses Offered
Margo Massey
World History
AP World History
Criminal Justice
Ed Timm
Political Science
Sports in American History
US History
Maggie Willems
Honors US History
World History
Problems in Modern Society
English InstructorsCourses Offered
Joann Gage
English I
AP Lit/Composition
21st Century Journalism
Mystery Stories
Ned Kelly
African/American Literature
English I
Honors Composition
Film as Literature
Alissa Sabers
Popular Literature
Modern Literature
English I
English 2
Advanced Composition
Tom Stephens
English 2
Fiction Writing
Interpersonal Communications
Honors Speech and Debate
Introduction to Theatre Lit
PE InstructorsCourses Offered
Preston Pedersen
Mustang Strength and Speed
Ryan Whitman
Lifetime Fitness
Mustang Strength and Speed
Health Pursuits
World Language InstructorsCourses Offered
Jenifer CarstensenSpanish 3
Spanish 4
Erica Nichols
Spanish I/2
Spanish 3
Spanish 4
KW Intermediate Spanish I
KW Intermediate Spanish II
Jose Salinas
Spanish 1/2
Tom Wilkinson
Spanish I/2
German I/2
German 3/4
Career/Technical InstructorsCourses Offered
Ben Kuker
Auto Mechanics
Flexible Manufacturing
Power Tech
Trista Lynner
Sewing I
Menu Planning/Nutrition
Culinary Arts I
Culinary Arts II
Interior Design
Adult Living
Kevin Murray
Financial Literacy
AP Computer Science Principles
Accounting I
the Stable
KW Intro to Business
Shawn Voigt
Electricity and Plumbing
Computer Aided Drafting
Introduction to Industrial Tech
Materials Processing
Advanced Materials Processing
Construction Tech
PLTW Civil Eng/Arch
Music/Art InstructorsCourses Offered
Bonnie Ahrens
Drawing/Painting I
Digital Art
Ceramics I, 2
Photography I/2
Art Media Survey
Art Portfolio
Tabitha Rasmussen
Scott Weber
Color Guard
Thad Wilkins
Treble Clef Choir
Mixed Choir
Concert Choir
Leigh Ann Erickson
Student Support Services
Charles Chatman Jr.iJag Education Specialist
Stephanie Olney
Directed Studies
Erin Wilkinson
Directed Studies
Brandi Viter-Pitlik
Transition Center
Alternative High School