Getting to Mustang Activities

High School, 731 Palisades Road SW, Mount Vernon, Iowa 52314

Middle School, 525 Palisades Road SW, Mount Vernon, Iowa 52314 

Elementary, 615 5th Avenue SW, Mount Vernon, Iowa 52314

Superintendent’s Office, 525 Palisades Road SW, Mount Vernon, IA 52314, 319-895-8845. Entrance to the Superintendent’s office is on the NE side of the Middle School Building.

Street Map of the location of Mount Vernon High School.

Where are our events held?

Directions for Baseball – Baseball is played on the Cornell College campus, 600 1st Street, Mount Vernon. 

Directions for Softball – High School and Middle School Softball are played at the High School Field located near the east parking lot of the Middle School.

Aerial view golf course

Directions for Golf – Meets are held at Kernoustie Golf Club, located at 203 Country Club Drive, Mount Vernon

Aerial view high school 1

All other home events are held at the high school located at 731 Palisades Rd. SW in Mount Vernon. The Activity Complex for soccer, football and track is located behind the high school with parking available behind the building as well as on the side.